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The New York biologist and environmentalist Jay Westerveld in a 1986 essay described the hotel industry’s habit of placing placards in each room, promoting reuse of guest-towels, supposedly to “save the Planet”. Westerveld noted that, in most cases, such communications did not correspond to any real effort toward waste recycling implemented by these institutions, more interested in cost-cutting than in environmental impact. Westerveld coined the term “green washing” to describe this and other seemingly environmentally-conscientious acts: a largely widespread phenomenon often hard to detect.

Nobody is perfect. Green Economy is in its embryonic stages, and companies, public institutions and consumers have plenty of room for improvement. Producers here on these pages do not haughtily consider themselves “the best”. We do take on responsibility for this, because we believe that trust is the best stimulus to improve ourselves.  Many of these producers are but beginning their path towards sustainability – and they are the first to openly admit it. Transparency: this is the fundamental requirement. And this is our basic question, as it compares in a dull but useful assessment questionnaire: tell us where you are today and where you want to go. Hoping that this approach will be positively infectious.

The Selection Committee assesses companies throughout Italy and considers the following points:

  1. Use of renewable energy
  2. Energy saving methods
  3. Green building
  4. Certificates
  5. Raw material
  6. Waste management
  7. Mobility
  8. Logistics and organizzation
  9. Landscape harmonization
  10. Local Products 

For questions, suggestions or comments addressed to the Committee, customers can at any time use a specific form associated to each of the items.

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